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About the Resource Map

In April 2020, we assembled a research team of undergraduates, who were then scattered around the US, to “map” their cities: to research organizations across the country that provide resources to refugees. These organizations include resettlement agencies, local government offices, places of worship, schools, universities, and other non-profits. Students gathered information about organizations through online searches and reviewed resources available on websites, news articles, and annual reports. They also contacted organizations directly to verify services provided and learn how the pandemic affected the organizations’ capacity and newcomers’ needs. Understandably, most organizations were overburdened with adapting their programs and supporting newcomers so did not reply to these requests. In total, we have mapped 1,700+ organizations in 150+ cities nation-wide and categorized the resources they provide.

An individual at the Religion and Resettlement Symposium speaking

We hope this is helpful to several audiences: refugees seeking support, community members seeking opportunities to volunteer and learn about their neighborhoods, researchers seeking partners for community-based learning initiatives, and organizations seeking to expand their networks.


This map is far from complete, and we would appreciate your help in filling it out! If you add or edit existing information on the resource map, fill out this form.

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